Friday, July 8, 2016

CRM Cloud software solution- Track and follow with your Customers

CRM Cloud based software features and benefits

CRM is a read to use application and is a perfect tool to manage the sales and service process in and organization. It helps in keeping up with existing and new customers on regular basis. It helps you in getting all information in just a single click. The software helps in completing the work in a more planned and effective way. As the software is a web based application, it can be accessed from anywhere anytime. CRM makes the sales persons more efficient by improving action taking ability.

High performance sales organizations have adopted practices and deployed CRM to help them increase sales effectiveness, win rates and drive more revenue. While sales leadership clearly benefits from greater visibility into sales performance, the real value is in driving the knowledge contained in the system down to front-line managers and sales reps, ones who are in the best position to take action on the information and drive changes.

Benefits of CRM Salesmantra to the sales team:

  • More Selling Time: Instead of writing various sales reports and/or call sheets, the sales people can spend more time in actual sales process and fill-in their action taken and next plan of action on a user friendly web form in the CRM Software to save time.
  • Information is Crucial: Instead of waiting for paper-based sales-prospect lists, and sales-support information, the sales team can login in the CRM Software to access the information when they need it. This could be useful in the field when answering prospects' queries or handling complaints.
  • Higher Motivation: The additional tools in the CRM Software helps improve sales team morale by reducing the amount of record keeping and increased closing rate. 
  • Train train and train: CRM Software can be used as an effective training device. It provide sales team with product information, make available standard sales document without having them to waste time in looking for the same.
  • Communicate & Co-operate: CRM Software provides better and transparent communication and co-operation between sales personnel, that enhances successful team selling.

SalesMantra CRM is available on demand and requires no hardware or software to buy, install or maintain which helps minimizing the total cost of ownership and training, thereby saving as much as 90% compared to other client-server solutions. Sales Mantra features make it possible for a high success rate in deployment and dispense away with the risks and protracted deployment.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Which is the best CRM Service in India for Lead Generation?

In today’s dynamic and competitive business scenario maintaining and nurturing needs for selling a product is one of the most difficult task, for maintaining and generating leads. There are many CRM service providers in market who advertise them as best CRM service in India. But truth is that there is only one service in market for lead generation and lead management which is SalesMantra CRM Software.

SalesMantra CRM software is one of the best CRM service in India for lead generation activity. It is specially designed by FSL Software Technologies Ltd. After 15 yrs of research in sales industry. SalesMantra never advertise itself as a best CRM service provider but its focus is always on customer satisfaction.

SalesMantra CRM service is the best service provider in India according to me. I am a business owner with 55 sales people. I always struggle to maintain my business leads, I was not even aware the lead which is being generated and by whom it is generated. I struggle a lot to manage my leads. There was also overlapping of activities as one prospect was chased by 2 to 3 sales people and the prospect gets irritated and cancels the deal. Till then I was not aware about the reason why clients are denieng my service. Then I decided to get a solution and to get rid of this problem. I contacted one of my friend who was earlier associated with IT company. He advised me to go with SalesMantra CRM Software for controlling my sales process.

Then I contacted SalesMantra, I come to know that it is one of the best CRM service providers in India with expertise of 15 yrs in IT field. Representatives visited my office and demonstrated me the solution. I was really satisfied with the solution which was provided by SlaesMantra CRM Software. I came to know that it will not only help in maintaining and managing my leads but also control my sales team with some of its features like

  1. Work Scheduler
  2. Monthly task Calender
  3. Pending task Alert
  4. Expense Management
  5. Email marketing
  6. SMS Marketing
  7. Purchase order management
  8. Inventory management
There are countless no of benefits which can be derived from SalesMantra CRM Software. So, I advice every business who are managing their sales force and finding difficulties in management refer this link

Sell n Serve always use SalesMantra.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Leverages Technology to Create Stronger Relationships with Customers

Customer relationship management (CRM) a strategy planned, designed and developed in keeping in mind the adequacy of customers. The quality of giving satisfaction sufficient to meet a demand or requirement of customer.
It is very important to understand and satisfy your customer for that, a proper management is required so that a company can understand their customer’s need and try to full fill it in best possible solutions.

This philosophy leverages technology to create stronger relationships with former, current and prospective customers while maximizing your customer service capabilities.
A business face lots of problems like operational challenges, including sales decline, high team attrition, and misalignment between corporate revenue targets and salespeople’s commission policies etc. CRM enables business owners to tackle all these problems.

All this can be done by a CRM System specially designed to cater services to organizations so that they can manage all kind of interactions with their customers.

CRM will enable a company to actively manage their customer relations in an organized and strategic manner. In practice, that means developing company's methodologies, internal operations, capabilities to be able to better address your customers' needs and, as a result, make your relationships with your customers more profitable.

It is the art of forming a mutually beneficial relationship with your customers. While your customers provide you with a financial reward, you can repay their loyalty with great services.

CRM isn’t just for storing the contact information of all of your clients and prospects; it can also help your sales team to be more productive and successful.”

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Is Cloud Computing Worth for Business?

Now-a-days, when we think about IT and Software, the most common word comes to our mind is Cloud Computing. When we think of it, there are several questions come to our mind. What exactly is this Cloud Computing? Is it really required for an Organization to adopt? How much effect it can produce on a Business? How much cost involved in it? So today in this article, we will discuss on all these things which are related to Cloud Computing.

What is Cloud Computing?
In simple word when you are accessing the Data through the internet instead of your hard drive, it is called Cloud Computing. Now make it little elaborate. Almost all of us are using emails. We are sending lot of information, so many attachments/files through it. But is it getting stored in our hard drive? No. Rather it is being stored in the server of the specific email service provider, which is being accessed through internet by every user.

How does it Work's?
Cloud computing means distributed computing over a Network. It refers to a Hardware or a Group of Hardware, which is connected to a network and can be accessed by any authorized person using the connectivity of Internet. As it is connected through Internet, can be accessed from anywhere in the world. So it decreases the system dependency.

1. Cost effective: As you are storing the Data and information in the cloud, you don't have to bear the extra cost of server hardware.
2. Access Anywhere: As it is connected to internet, it can be accessed without the dependency of the system.
3. Data Back-up: Data back-up and storage is much easier than a physical device. Also the cloud service provider has their own back-up system. So that you can store and access information without worry.
4. Automatic Integration: It is much easier to integrate or customize the Software on Cloud. There is not much additional effort require for this.

1. IaaS Environment: Computational Infrastructure available on the internet and service are provided on the top of infrastructure.
2. PaaS Environment: Allow developers to leverage the resources of established Organization to create and host applications of a larger scale.
3. SaaS Environment: Allow Organizations and developers to use business specific capabilities developed by third party.

Future of Cloud Computing:
As per the current scenario, online crm software is used in many organizations and they are getting into bigger achievement. But how much helpful it will be in the near future. Let's look into it.
Centralized Data: Centralized Data is the future of cloud computing. This will allow companies a huge database. Taking care of patient, handling stock market, centralized reporting will be hugely effective through it.

More Capability: Mobile devices will be more powerful and smaller as all the application will be web based.
Hybrid Cloud: Hybrid Cloud is expected to be more efficient for Business because it will enhance the internal infrastructure and applications.

Faster intercommunication: Still cloud computing is in initial stage. By a decade or so it is expected to be a permanent solution for many organizations.

Better Security: by 2020, it is expected to improve a lot on Data Security. Minimum encryption regulation may be increased from 256-bit SSL. It may require biometric scans to access. These facilities will also be protected by advance security systems.

So we are sure that cloud computing has a very bright future. It will make your company more profitable and productive, when it can complete tasks faster and more efficiently than the current system.

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