Tuesday, June 13, 2017

What Is CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software?

Customer relationship management (CRM) alludes to practices, methodologies and advancements that organizations use to oversee and dissect customer communications and information all through the customer lifecycle, with the objective of enhancing business associations with customers, helping with customer maintenance and driving deals development. CRM systems are intended to order data on customers crosswise over distinctive stations - or purposes of contact between the customer and the organization - which could incorporate the organization's site, phone, live talk, post office based mail, showcasing materials and online networking. CRM software can likewise give customer confronting staff nitty gritty data on customers' close to home data, buy history, purchasing inclinations and concerns.

History of CRM

CRM systems were the must-have items at the tallness of the Internet rise in 2000/2001. There took after a couple of years of disappointment as costly systems were late and after that neglected to convey the outcomes to meet the raised desires of the customers. The Gartner Group, a US firm of experts, have a Hype Cycle diagram demonstrating the customary example of a moderate begin, trailed by unjustified elation, down to disappointment and back to a level of feasible rational soundness.

What Is CRM Software?

Online CRM Software, or customer relationship management, alludes to software that lets organizations track each communication with present and future customers. Despite the fact that the product abilities can change contingent upon which supplier you're utilizing, the product itself is typically just alluded to by the acronym, CRM. Most CRMs will have highlights for monitoring prospect and customer names, messages, and telephone numbers. Others can track telephone calls, log messages sent to prospects, and monitor prospects' online networking bolsters. More progressed and complex ones can pivot prompts the right deals reps and log communications with customer support groups.

Do You Need a CRM System? 

CRM software is intended to offer organizations meet the general objectives of customer relationship management (some assistance with seeing Webopedia's CRM definition). Today's CRM software is profoundly adaptable and adjustable, permitting organizations to increase noteworthy customer bits of knowledge with a back-end expository motor, view business opportunities with prescient examination, streamline operations and customize customer management taking into account the customer's known history and former collaborations with your business. CRM software India is regularly used to deal with a business-customer relationship; however CRM software systems are likewise utilized as a part of the same approach to oversee business contacts, customers, contract wins and deals leads.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

SalesMantra CRM Software Solution - Android Apps & Auto Scheduled Reports To Ease The Work Of The Teams

Every Organization starts with a view of expanding business and reaching to the top most position in its industry. In the run to increase business, regular interaction with the teams is lost and thus reduces reporting and feedback's that are important to plan the growth of the Company.

To lessen the difficulty that teams face in interaction with each and every employee on regular basis, scheduled reports play a very important role. It helps in automatically receiving employee performances through email in a comprehensive report formats, and thus reduces hassles of requesting employees to send their daily reports over mail.

SalesMantra is one of the best solutions that provide daily reports scheduler to manage the reporting hassles. Teams need to update their work done and plans for next days through Android App or Web, which is sent through auto- emails to the top management.

Android apps word as an added advantage for the users on field. It gives a clear view to all the users of daily plans they have to work upon. Also employees can upload their daily work through the app, thus reducing dependency on the Systems/Laptops/Desktops. The app is downloadable from the play store for easy access by all users.  

For the Management, it helps in getting updates every morning about schedules of each and every employee, irrespective of whether they are at office or out of office. The attendance can also be marked by the sales employees on the android app, thus getting their status and location. Reports like Attendance, Location logs are very useful for management to access the performance of an employee.

Implementation of SalesMantra CRM Software is a real boon for Companies that are functioning in multi-locations, and are unable to manage the Sales Team effectively. The reporting feature of the software is a real added advantage for the Management and users in the Companies.

Friday, July 8, 2016

CRM Cloud software solution- Track and follow with your Customers

CRM Cloud based software features and benefits

CRM is a read to use application and is a perfect tool to manage the sales and service process in and organization. It helps in keeping up with existing and new customers on regular basis. It helps you in getting all information in just a single click. The software helps in completing the work in a more planned and effective way. As the software is a web based application, it can be accessed from anywhere anytime. CRM makes the sales persons more efficient by improving action taking ability.

High performance sales organizations have adopted practices and deployed CRM to help them increase sales effectiveness, win rates and drive more revenue. While sales leadership clearly benefits from greater visibility into sales performance, the real value is in driving the knowledge contained in the system down to front-line managers and sales reps, ones who are in the best position to take action on the information and drive changes.

Benefits of CRM Salesmantra to the sales team:

  • More Selling Time: Instead of writing various sales reports and/or call sheets, the sales people can spend more time in actual sales process and fill-in their action taken and next plan of action on a user friendly web form in the CRM Software to save time.
  • Information is Crucial: Instead of waiting for paper-based sales-prospect lists, and sales-support information, the sales team can login in the CRM Software to access the information when they need it. This could be useful in the field when answering prospects' queries or handling complaints.
  • Higher Motivation: The additional tools in the CRM Software helps improve sales team morale by reducing the amount of record keeping and increased closing rate. 
  • Train train and train: CRM Software can be used as an effective training device. It provide sales team with product information, make available standard sales document without having them to waste time in looking for the same.
  • Communicate & Co-operate: CRM Software provides better and transparent communication and co-operation between sales personnel, that enhances successful team selling.

SalesMantra CRM is available on demand and requires no hardware or software to buy, install or maintain which helps minimizing the total cost of ownership and training, thereby saving as much as 90% compared to other client-server solutions. Sales Mantra features make it possible for a high success rate in deployment and dispense away with the risks and protracted deployment.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Which is the best CRM Service in India for Lead Generation?

In today’s dynamic and competitive business scenario maintaining and nurturing needs for selling a product is one of the most difficult task, for maintaining and generating leads. There are many CRM service providers in market who advertise them as best CRM service in India. But truth is that there is only one service in market for lead generation and lead management which is SalesMantra CRM Software.

SalesMantra CRM software is one of the best CRM service in India for lead generation activity. It is specially designed by FSL Software Technologies Ltd. After 15 yrs of research in sales industry. SalesMantra never advertise itself as a best CRM service provider but its focus is always on customer satisfaction.

SalesMantra CRM service is the best service provider in India according to me. I am a business owner with 55 sales people. I always struggle to maintain my business leads, I was not even aware the lead which is being generated and by whom it is generated. I struggle a lot to manage my leads. There was also overlapping of activities as one prospect was chased by 2 to 3 sales people and the prospect gets irritated and cancels the deal. Till then I was not aware about the reason why clients are denieng my service. Then I decided to get a solution and to get rid of this problem. I contacted one of my friend who was earlier associated with IT company. He advised me to go with SalesMantra CRM Software for controlling my sales process.

Then I contacted SalesMantra, I come to know that it is one of the best CRM service providers in India with expertise of 15 yrs in IT field. Representatives visited my office and demonstrated me the solution. I was really satisfied with the solution which was provided by SlaesMantra CRM Software. I came to know that it will not only help in maintaining and managing my leads but also control my sales team with some of its features like

  1. Work Scheduler
  2. Monthly task Calender
  3. Pending task Alert
  4. Expense Management
  5. Email marketing
  6. SMS Marketing
  7. Purchase order management
  8. Inventory management
There are countless no of benefits which can be derived from SalesMantra CRM Software. So, I advice every business who are managing their sales force and finding difficulties in management refer this link

Sell n Serve always use SalesMantra.